Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 Rules of Startup

1. Make sales guide brochure.
2. Make trial point.
3. Figure out your specific market.
4. Don't fight with the existing competitors, but do what the competitor didn't do well.
5. If you can not provide the price advantage or technical advantage, don't go to the red sea market.
6. Do well the detail key point, know your customer well.
7. Do not try to change the customers, but guide them.
8. For the common staff, the salary is important for them than the social value.
9. Market research is very important.
10. In start up, it's better to keep the stock within small group.
11. Make easy to understand operating guide brochure, so easy that every staff can understand it.
12. The talent is the one that make one thing successful, then make another thing successful.


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