Friday, July 22, 2011

Four Steps of Entrepreneur's Life,by Xu Chaojun, CEO and Founder of

Four Steps of Entrepreneur's Life,by Xu Chaojun 许朝军, CEO and Founder of

There are four steps of a entrepreneur's life:
First step, when you just graduate from school, you are a freshman in career. The goal of this step if developing your career. Working hard to get promotion. And the top goal is being manager, or CEO.
Second step, you get experienced in career, now it's your time to change the world in the most effective way——founding your own company, then raise your company to be a billionaire one.
Third step, you build your own company successfully, and get rich. So you share your experience of founding company, raising company, and you start to invest in the start-ups, you become a angel or venture capitalist.
Four step, you spend your life and your money in philanthropy, like Bill Gates. 

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