Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grass and Tree

There are two ways of living for human beings.
the first one is living like grass.
you keep growing every year though you are living;
However, you are a grass after all.
You assimilate the rain and dew, as well as the sunshine,
but still you can not grow up.
People may tread on you,
but they will neither feel painful for your pain,
nor give compassion to you because you are trampled,
because they themselves fail to see you at all.
that's why we everybody should grow like a tree.
Now we are nobody,
but as long as you bear the seed of the tree,
you can still imbibe the solution from the earth and grow up by
yourself despite the fact that you are tread inside the soil.
when you become a towering tree,
people will be able to see you from faraway,
and also enjoy your green shade when approaching you.
Beatiful senery as you are when living,
you remain a ridge beam even after the end of your life.
To make contributions no mater during life or after death,
this is the standerd for every student to adhere to for their behavior
and growing.

by Yu Minhong 俞敏洪 FOUNDER OF New Oriental Education & Technology XDF.CN

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